Feb 18

A good friend of mine suggested after reading my previous post that that was interesting and all, but what we really needed was an outline on what should/would go into a Single-Payer bill. That is, what would Single-Payer really be. A sat on that for way too long, but it began to dawn on me that even those who are pushing Single-Payer haven't thought that through to much. Part of the problem is that, although Single-Payer can be feasible in a number of different forms, there really are a lot of variations on that theme. It happens that the devil is in the details. It also struck me that, even though there are a lot of folks backing Single-Payer, a lot more would provide their buy-in if their interests were supported. So, not only do we need some description of what Single-Payer could be, but we need to start a nation-wide discussion concerning what we want from it. Presumptuous, I know, but we need to start what should be a completely non-partisan process of creating Single-Payer somewhere.

Creating a Single-Payer Bill



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